C.R. | writer/director/ producer




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It touches a part of everyone’s life who has ever dealt with the big banking monsters that prowl from Wall Street to my street with unthinking, uncaring responses to our needs...Rousseau as writer/director gives you something to ponder, to think about, and to ponder again on another day.

-Mildred Austin, IRISH FILM CRITIC

Brings up questions of morality and makes the viewer think about what they’d do if they were in the same situation. It’s sort of a modern-day twist on the tale of Robin Hood in the way that one questions who is truly the villain. The fact that it shines a light on real-world issues makes the storytelling even stronger and more impactful...I'd certainly watch more from this writer/director.

-Jamie Goecker, HORROR BUZZ


An unexpected top-notch caper film with an unexpected twist. Everyone needs to check it out.